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icscib > The Villainous Villainess > 1 Chapter 1: Life and Death

The pale tiny arms attached to Vivana's body helplessly thrashed around, her legs kicking in an effort to bring her head to the surface. It wasn't long until her muscles began to ache and her little energy she had would be all used up.

Her dark violet hair swam around her face, loose waves and curls nearly became straight and curved around her body.

Her frilly laced white and baby pink dress her mother had designed for her heavily clung onto her torso, the fabric weighing her deeper and deeper into the dark waters.

Vivana's teal eyes watch the bubbles of air escape her lips and the water immediately trickle through her mouth and burn into her lungs. Her nostrils stung as the liquid found its way into them, both her airways filling up with the treacherous water.

Tears swelled up in her eyes, only to blend into her surroundings. Her arms and legs gave out. She could only watch as she sunk further and further away from the light above the surface and deeper into the depths of the water.

Her vision began to darken, her eyelids growing heavy and everything felt light...

Everything felt... right.

Maybe she'd feel better if she took a nap. And when she wakes up, she'll swim back up— like a... like a... like a mermaid! Yes, exactly like one! Mother always told her she was as beautiful as a mermaid! And when it was time for bath time, the maids always told her that she was the prettiest, most beautiful mermaid princess of the seven seas!

Little Viviana closed her eyes... and slipped into a dream.


"Hey, drive safe, okay?" A feminine voice stated, as the sound of the maroon car door closing lingered in the background. "The roads are pretty icy."

The blue haired woman outside the car looked at the black haired sunkissed driver with a worried and gentle look. Though today lacked the sun's rays, the dyed hair woman's complexion was pale with a hint of peach. Her skin was gleaming! Though that might have something to do with the fact that she put on her new highlighter on this morning, but that's not important.

The driver smiled at her friend, her dimples peeking through her beige cheeks.

The car was a gift from her elder brother as a reward for passing her driver's test over two years ago. Though she couldn't explicitly say that she could drive it when she wanted to until she started university, it was her's now.

Her brother made sure to install new tires before the snow hit a month before, so she was cleared to drive on icy roads anyways. There was no need to worry.

"I know," the driver replied. "See you tomorrow, Lisa! I'll text you when I get home."

Her friend, Lisa, face rosy from the cold, waved her goodbye before entering her home. Only when the driver had watched her friend close her front door did she put the car back into drive and sped off into the white snow.

It didn't take her long to get home, she made the precaution to take the backroads due to the weather and t

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