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After relentless tugging (2 tugs), Viviana had given up and dug into her own meal.

'Hmph!' She fumed. 'As if I would let this come in between my meal after pulling a stunt like this!'

Ignoring Athanasius's wide eyes and furrowed forehead, she shamelessly took the first bite of her dinner.

The burst of the savory and fresh flavors from the sauce and herbs clashed with the tenderness of the lamb, melting away on her taste buds and down her throat.

Her small sienna hands immodestly tore her lamb chops apart with her silver utensils and shoved it into her mouth.

With a sweet smile, she took her time chewing and swallowing her food down. Within the corners of her eyes, she observed the young prince's shocked expression. He, however, was still refusing to feed himself and did not open his mouth to release the utensil as a petty fee.

The girl looked at how the fork dipped from his lips and downwards towards the table; she knew that he had weakened his hold.

Taking advantage of the situation, Viviana swiftly twisted her body back to the blonde boy and yanked the fork from his weakened hold.

"Are you ready to eat now, my love?" She asked in a sugared voice. "At this rate, we'll never get to eat dessert!"

The young boy bitterly chewed and swallowed his food, flaming crimson eyes refusing to leave the cool pools of turquoise.

Viviana lead the silver utensil quickly to the plate and stabbed through the lamb and pasta, eventually forcing its way back to the pouting lips of the prince.

"Say 'Ah,' my sweet baby!" She sang.

A small click left the boy's mouth but he soon after he let it open, allowing the girl before him to feed him.

The plum locked girl only grinned as she watched the almighty crown prince crumble down to hunger.

However, Athanasius refused to be one easily teased and played with, especially from a younger child from a dukedom! He ranked above her and had two years on her, for goodness's sake!

A small of humiliation and anger overcame him, flames in his very eyes.

"Make haste, darling! I'd like some dessert soon." She urged, immediately stuffing his face.

The young prince began to choke, alarming Viviana. She reached over to his glass of fruit juice and handed it over to him. Coughing, Athanasius quickly took the glass and downed it.

He wiped his lips with a cloth, small coughs escaping his lips. Viviana steadily pat his back, enough for his lungs to recover. When he finally did, he scowled at the younger girl.

"If you can't keep up with me, why don't you feed yourself, dear?" She sneered.

The bronzed boy snatched his utensils from the girl and dug into his meal, his dark gaze never leaving her.

Viviana innocently giggled and tore into her lamb.

The two ate in silence, ignoring each other's presence, though it wasn't like Athanasius was speaking to her at all tonight after she had got him in her trap.

Perhaps it was to spite her or perhaps he was a litt

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