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Shesmu walked towards Leo with steady steps. Every time his feet would touch the ground, they would leave a bloody trace behind them. Once he reached Leo, he offered his hand as support to Leo. The latter smiled before taking it.

"How was it?" Shesmu asked, his eyes proud of Leo. "How did standing in the limelight feel?"

Leo scratched his nose and laughed in response. "It felt good…" His eyes drifted to the ground, and he paused for a few seconds before continuing. "When I was standing there, in front of everyone. I had this undying fire raging within my chest. It felt like I could do anything. At that moment, I wondered if that's how you and Ryan always felt."

"I don't know about Ryan, but for me, knowing that everyone's expectations and hope are on my shoulder only brings me more strength." Shesmu smiled at Leo before continuing. "So yeah, in that sense, we're very similar."

"You two really made one hell of a scene out there."

"Woah! Master and mister were so cool!"

Shesmu turned around to find Sakura and Ryuji making their way towards them.

"Master, that last fight, I have never seen anything like it before!"

Shesmu smiled at Ryuji and said, "You did great too. You have definitely improved since before."

"D-Do you really mean it? Master!" Shesmu's praise made him teary-eyed. The latter couldn't help but back out when looking at Ryuji's expression.

"Goddammit Ryuji, can you drop the master already?"

"Yeah, that's a futile effort. You should have understood so already by now," Sakura said before turning back her attention to Leo.

"But forget about that, shouldn't you guys be more worried about Ryan." She then looked around before continuing, "Also, talking about him, where is he?"

"I put him outside of the golden circle before facing the Boss," Shesmu responded. He looked in the direction of where he put Ryan's body only to find that the golden dome that surrounded the players just a few moments ago no longer existed.

Leo looked at Shesmu before saying, "It's time for me to go, Shes."

Understanding that Leo was about to log off, Shesmu hugged him and said, "You did great."

Leo was surprised by the sudden hug, but his surprise turned into a smile before he responded, "Thanks."

"Aww, look at you too. Aren't you the cute little couple."

Sakura's teasing made both Shesmu and Leo uncomfortable. They quickly separated and avoided eye contact.

"Hahaha, you guys are just too great. This is too funny."

Somehow, Shesmu felt that even though Ryan was unconscious, his spirit still lived on in that little devil. He gritted his teeth while Leo coughed a few times to change subjects.

"Anyway, off I go guys. Bye."

Leo waved his hand at his friends before muttering, "Log off."

"Bye, mister!"

"Bye-bye, Leo."

Shesmu looked at Leo's flickering figure and smiled before saying, "Bye, Leo. Until we meet again."

Leo's body shone with a thousand colors before dissi

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