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Black and Red Energy gathered in the boss' sword, clashing for dominance. The monster slashed at Shesmu with incredible momentum, leaving a black and red trail.

Watching his impending doom, Shesmu thought, Empowered Thrust! Green light gathered on Shesmu's sword before he thrust, his target: The boss' sword. The two weapons clashed for a half a breath before the boss' overwhelmed Shesmu's sword. With barely any momentum wasted, the boss' sword struck down like a meteorite, intending on decimating its target.

The goblord's weapon flew out of its hand. Shocked and surprised at this turn of event, the monster looked at Shesmu's determined face. He should have been cleaved in half, but there he stood, triumphant while its sword spun in the air before plunging deep into the ground.

Shesmu breathed a sigh of relief thinking, Good, deflected it. He then raised his sword and slashed at the boss before it could regain its balance and start attacking once again. As usual, Shesmu used Empowered Slash Cancel and targeted the goblord's neck, activating a critical damage effect.



With all the new upgrades to his equipment and stats, Shesmu's critical hits did close to enough damage so as to two-shot a hobgoblin. When the two damage numbers appeared, even Shesmu's teammates were surprised for half a second before attacking the boss once again.

Even after receiving so much damage, the goblord only lost a quarter of its health. As if all the hits that it received were but ant bites, it stood up proudly with its chest puffed. It unsheathed its sword from the ground and looked at Shesmu with an intense glare—It was going to kill him.

Black and red aura engulfed its body, but instead of gathering in its weapon like last time, it entered its skin and merged with the monster's body. The goblord's whole frame glowed faintly in both colors, emitting a lethal aura.

Damn, that sword, it's an evolved weapon.

Shesmu gripped his sword even harder, a smile covering his face.

"Everyone, beware! This might be a buff skill or something, it looks a little bit like the skill the tank hob used, so try not to get hit, understand?"

"Understood!" Both Leo and Ryan replied.

Well, that's one thing. But now that all of our attack skills are on cooldown, we're in trouble. And I'm still not used to this body goddammit. If it was before, even without a sword or a skill I would have toyed with this boss like it was nothing!

In the face of this unnecessarily difficult situation, Shesmu's frustration grew. However, the boss didn't really care about his internal struggle and attacked him with no prior notice.

Shesmu woke up from his daze and parried the goblord's slash. The clash felt as if someone smashed him with a rock. Shesmu took two steps back and his hands felt numb after the exchange.

Leo, noticing that Shesmu was out of gas, ran towards the boss and attacked him. Leo kept on the offensive so as to switch the agg

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