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With the fight between Shemsu and Ryan finally done, the party continued on with their grind. With their weapon enhanced, the level 5 and 6 goblins were a piece of cake. Seeing that grinding would be too inefficient if they continued farming in these low-level regions, they dived deeper into the forest.

After a few minutes of running, they entered the fox territory.


HP: 300/300

The foxes that the trio encountered were level 7 and 8. It took around half an hour for Shesmu to make that final step from level 9 to 10.

After looting the foxes for their pelt, Shesmu took out the Cambion Blade and equipped it. Dark energy flowed from the weapon to Shesmu's body. It gathered in his stomach, and Shesmu could feel it changing something inside him.

A dark aura surrounded Shesmu's body for a few second before it dissipated. However, Shesmu knew that it was only hiding in his body, waiting for the moment he summons it.

After equipping the sword, the party continued on with their journey towards the tower.

It was midnight when the party finally stopped. In the distance, one could hear the sound of roaring and howling intertwining together. A battle was taking place.

Shesmu looked at his mini map and saw that they were at the edge of the red zone. He looked in front of him and a scene straight out of fantasy unfolded.

Two camps, two armies split the forest. On the right, there were the goblins sharpening their weapons. A quick inspect told you their level, it was an astonishing 15. In the middle of their camp stood a green humanoid monster, fully clad with black and red armor. It was a Goblin General, and its level was 25.

In the right stood the foxes, baring their claws. Their levels didn't lose out to the goblins one bit, ranging from 14 to 17. In their midst stood a magnificent large Firefox. Its paws and sides were crimson red, while its fur was snow white. A quick Inspect told tales about its strength. It was a Fox king, a level 30 monster that evolved into a firefox.

The party hid under the bushes afraid to make any sound. Every now and then Leo would raise his head to peek from between the bushes and go back to report.

"None of them made a move until now. Just what are they waiting for? We've been sitting here for 15 minutes already and they still haven't even gotten close to each other yet."

"Yeah, I'm with Leo on this one," Ryan added. "In the first place, what are we even sitting here waiting for?"

"I mean, since we got to see such a rare sight, I thought that it would be a shame to miss the opportunity to be the third dog. But from the looks of it, this is going to take all night. It's a shame that we miss out on the loot of that firefox. Guess we have no choice."

With these concluding words from Shesmu, the party crawled their way out of the hills, so as to not be seen by the two monster armies. They took a long detour around the battlefield before finally reaching safety.


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