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Shesmu's cry alerted Leo and the duo fighting their way through the pack of wolves. This sudden distraction gave an opportunity for the beast to attack. They swarmed Leo from every direction and maimed him.

Noticing the danger Leo was in, Shesmu was enraged. He teleported towards him and with one swing of his sword, killed the whole pack of wolves in a wave of dark ki.

None of his teammates had any time to fawn over Shesmu's performance. They all gathered around him, their eyes worried.

"Shes, what happened?" Leo asked.

"Yeah, you really scared me with that cry. Did Ryan die or something?"

Sakura's assumptions made Ryuji jump in worry.

"No way, right? Did Ryan really die?!"


Shesmu walked towards Ryan's body, leading the way for his party. They soon got to see their friend unconscious on the white tile. It was as if the world around him was bleached.

"No way," Leo muttered. He then ran straight towards Ryan's body, checking on him. "What happened to him?" He asked again.

"He fell unconscious, with no warning whatsoever. He just randomly fainted."

"That's… very weird," Sakura commented from the side. "Does he have a habit of randomly fainting?"

"No," Leo responded before looking down at the floor, deep in thought. "Actually, maybe it has to do with whatever happened to him this morning."

"Did Mister Ryan faint this morning too?"

"Yeah, he did." Leo looked back at Ryan in worry before continuing. "It just happened randomly. He had this massive headache as if his head was splitting in half. I had never seen him in that much pain. He then fainted on the couch as we were waiting for Ashes of Gods to be available for download."

"Wait, then why has he been playing until now? Shouldn't he be resting?"

"He should have been, right?" Leo couldn't help but show a self-deprecating smile as he responded to Sakura's question. "I told him that multiple times, but he insisted that he was fine."

��Leo." After staying silent throughout the conversation, Shesmu finally spoke. "If you want, you can go check on Ryan IRL. I'm assuming you know his house personally, no?"

"Yeah, you should do that," Sakura added. "No one here is gonna hold you accountable for this kind of thing. So don't worry about us and go."

Leo didn't respond immediately. His face showed a myriad of emotions. He bit his lips, clenched his fist, and said with a solemn voice, "I know that this is selfish of me, but I want to stay until the end of the round."

"Why though?" Sakura was surprised at the unexpected response.

"Sakura." Shesmu's was loud, louder than anyone who had spoken before. His sudden outburst gathered everyone's attention and scared Sakura. "This is Leo's own personal decision to make. If he wants to stay until the end of the round, then so be it."

"Thanks, Shes," Leo responded in a faint voice.

Seeing that the decision had been finalized, Sakura clenched her head in defea

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