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Shesmu and his team entered the portal when all light died out. They stood within all-engulfing darkness, with no stars and no moon to guide their way.

"What's going on?" Sakura asked, fidgeting in worry.

Ryuji was the total opposite. He looked at the darkness surrounding them in awe. "Woah, what's this place? Is this where we will have our second trial."

Shesmu, on the other hand, was calm. He already knew what the trial would be about, and as such couldn't help but worry about his teammates. Will they be able to handle it?

A blue screen appeared in front of everyone's eyes, stopping Shesmu's train of thought.

[Second Floor]

[In loneliness you shall stand.

With the power of your heart, you shall fight.

Your wisdom, your cunning shall guide your path.]

Ryuji's body glowed with a thousand colors, surprising both him and Sakura.


Sakura jumped to take hold of him, but he was long gone before she could do so. In the end, she only grasped at air. Her worry consumed her, and she looked in shock at Shesmu, trying to find answers. However, before the latter could say anything, he was already teleported. She too, in turn, disappeared from the total darkness.

Shesmu appeared within the middle of a jungle. He didn't even have the time to worry about Sakura, as his vision was blinking with a red hue. He looked at the top left of his view and found that his HP was reduced to 1.

[Those who hold the sword live their life at the brink of death. Lifeforce, in the end, is but another form of energy. Use the life of your enemy is your own sustenance, and thrive!]

So this time it's a lifesteal test. But really, 1 HP? Did they have to be so extreme?


Shesmu's thoughts were stopped midway by the roar of a tiger. It pounced from behind the trees at Shesmu.

The latter Dashed out of its way and appeared above it. He charged his sword with Ki and swung at its back. The moment his sword pierced the beast's back, Shesmu utilized his Ki to invade the creature's body and pulled at its energy.

A green thread made its way from the tiger's blood into Shesmu's sword, and then into his being. He could feel the energy going through his ki paths and into his heart. Shesmu's Hp bar slowly regenerated, from 1 HP to 20.

Like I thought, this way of doing it really isn't that effective.

However, Shesmu didn't stop. He dodged and slashed the beast time and time again. With each hit, he would recover a bit of his HP, until the creature had finally fallen.

Congratulations, you have discovered a new skill!



Level: 1

With each hit, recover a tiny amount of HP through stealing your victim's life force.

Shesmu checked his stats to see how much HP he had recovered.


HP: 141/1600

Ki: 2980/3000

If I have to rely on lifesteal to get back all of my HP, I'll be here all day. Deciding that playing by the rule wasn't his best opt

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