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Before the party could make its way towards the boss, Shesmu had a sudden train of thought.

"Hey Ryan, can you check your inventory to see if any sword dropped?"

Ryan raised his eyebrows in confusion before a look of understanding dawned upon him. A grin then immediately stretched all over his face.

"Huh, now wouldn't be interesting if the only hob that didn't drop anything was the warrior one?"

Hearing Ryan's taunts, Shesmu clicked his tongue and responded, "Can you just check your inventory, please? We still need to go fight the boss."

"Yeah, I'm getting bored with this dungeon already. I want to get my tank skills fast!"

Hearing Leo's complaints, Shesmu smiled wryly. "Well, hopefully, you don't have to wait long for that."

While Leo and Shesmu talked, Ryan materialized a sword in his hand. After taking a look at it, he couldn't stop laughing.

"Hahahahaha! This is too good! Damn, this is just way too good. I can't believe this, we all get an Iron+ weapon but you. Hahahahaha!"

Listening to Ryan's maniacal laughter, Shesmu was a bit confused. He used Inspect on the sword to check its stats.

[Steel Sword

Rarity: Iron

Required Level: 7

Weapon Level: 1

Attack: 60]

"Oh, it's not too bad. Much better than my iron sword." He then looked at Ryan with a smug look on his face. "Plus, I'm not really sure that a ten damage difference would be able to make up the difference between us."

Hearing Shesmu's taunts, Ryan couldn't help but frown in annoyance. "Hey! Just because you won against me once doesn't mean you're better than me! I want a rematch!"

Looking at Shesmu and Ryan bantering, Leo couldn't help but smile a bit. However, remembering Shesmu's status as a legendary pro player, he couldn't help but frown a little bit. That's weird though, how can Ryan keep up with Shesmu? I know that he is good, but not THAT good.

Shesmu interrupted Leo's thoughts as he started talking. "Okay, let's get going now."

Hearing him talk, Leo snapped back to reality before following after his two teammates.

As they made their way through the cave, they passed through numerous rooms. After looking at them, they found hundreds of goblins sleeping one next to the other. They were packed like sardines.

Deciding that it was too much of a risk to fight them, the party just continued on without disturbing them. After long minutes of walking, the three finally reached the boss' room.

The gate of the boss' room was ornamented with different carvings. Ogres, goblins, and monsters of all sorts were carved on the red doors.

"Guess this is the boss room," Leo concluded.

"Seems like it," Ryan added.

Before opening the gates, Shesmu looked at his teammates and asked, "Did you guys allocate your stats yet?"

"Ehh, not yet," Leo responded.

"Same," Ryan added.

"Well, let's do that first before entering."

After allocating his stats, Shesmu conjured up a strategy in his mind bef

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