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Shesmu's sword cut through the goblin's neck like a knife through butter. Blood gushed out of the creature's neck, dyeing Shesmu's face red. However, even while being showered by blood, Shesmu didn't flinch; he looked at the goblin straight in the eyes. The vile's eyes that showed fear and surprise just a moment ago slowly became lifeless.

For half a second, the goblins that were focused on Leo shifted their attention towards their dead comrade; this lapse of concentration spelled their doom.

Empowered Thrust!

Shesmu's sword flashed green before he thrust at thin air.


The goblins couldn't understand why Shesmu would thrust in the open like that—they soon did. Shesmu vanished from his place and appeared in front of one of the goblins. His sword pierced through the creature's neck, stunning it in place. Shesmu took out his sword from the goblin's neck and the creature fell on the ground, blood gushing out of its wound.

In less than a second, the group of five goblins turned into three. The remaining viles stepped back in fear. The human in front of them became a god of death in their eyes, ready to reap their lives.

However, what they didn't know was that there were two shinigamis on this battlefield. From the depths of the shadows, Ryan emerged. His dagger cloaked in an aura of death. He impaled the first goblin, puncturing its heart and reaching out to its chest.

Noticing his presence, the two goblins left stepped away from him. However, there was no running away. Ryan disappeared from their vision only to appear behind their back. He slashed the first goblin's neck before manhandling the second one. After taking control of the last goblin's arms, he grabbed hold of his dagger and stabbed away at its chest.

Looking at this scenery, Leo was flabbergasted. Ryan's face was covered in blood, and his mad grin turned him into a demon.

"Holy damn," Leo couldn't help but blurt out. "You're really a savage."

Ryan blinked in confusion at Leo's statement. He then touched his face only to be surprised by the blood on his fingers.

"Haha," Shesmu couldn't help but laugh. "Seems like you really got into it."

Looking at Shesmu's face, Leo couldn't help but give him an unimpressed look. "Dawg, just look at yourself. Your whole body is covered in blood!"

Shesmu looked surprised at first before looking down at his clothes. They were dyed red. It looked as if he just survived the purge.

Looking at Shesmu's surprised expression, Leo couldn't help but sigh and shake his head in disappointment.

"Really, you two. Are you sure you're not twins or something? You act literally the same!"

"Hahaha," Ryan laughed. "Well, we did both carry your ass through this run. So in that spirit, yes, we're very similar."

"Oy, that was a low blow!" Leo's eyebrows scrunched.

"Hahaha, I'm just kidding. You will be useful later when we fight the boss."

After saying those words, Ryan took the lead in exploring the cave. Looking at him from behind, both Leo and Shesmu sighed. They looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders.

After exploring the cave for a few more minutes. They found another group of goblins. This time, they quickly took care of it, with Shesmu and Ryan, again, taking all the kills. They both leveled up, but Shesmu received another notification.

Iron Sword Level Up!

Oh, I forgot that low tier weapons leveled up this fast. Nice! His sword glowed golden for a few seconds before the light died down. He then used Inspect to check its new stats.

Iron Sword

Rarity: Iron

Required Level: 1

Weapon Level: 2

Attack: 45

Oh, a five damage increase. Not too shabby, Shesmu thought. Focusing back on his friends, Shesmu concluded that this was a good time to introduce them to the concept of leveling weapons.

"Oh, wow. My weapon leveled up!" Shesmu exclaimed, faking excitement.

"Wait, what?!" said Leo. "Weapons can level up?!!"


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