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While Shesmu and Ryan were talking, Leo was standing alone, facing the hobgoblin on a one on one deathmatch. The monster would slash downwards from the left, and Leo would slash upwards from the right, parrying the attack.

The same scenario kept playing out with different angles and different positions, but none of the contestants was able to hit the other. The monster was too slow, and Leo too unskilled to take advantage of openings.

After ending his conversation with Ryan, Shesmu looked at Leo fighting. At first, he thought about helping him right away, but after looking at things for a bit, he found out that Leo was doing good for himself.

Well, he should learn to defend himself on his own. Plus, if he is in any danger, I can always help him out. Unless he gets his head cleaved off, or heart destroyed, he won't be one-shot.

While Shesmu was watching Leo fight against the hobgoblin, Ryan stood up and sat down next to Shesmu.

"Why aren't you helping Leo?" Ryan asked. He obviously knew that Shesmu had a soft spot for Leo. The fact that he suggested leaving mob kills to him was a big indication.

"I can't always be there for him. Plus, wouldn't he find it boring if I helped him every single time he is in trouble? It's better for him to learn to fight alone now, than later when there are many more skills to be familiar with."

"I guess that's true," Ryan concluded. The wound on his chest by that point was already healed, no scar was left to be seen.

Noticing that he was already fine, Shesmu asked Ryan, "By the way, how did you survive that stab to the chest? I thought that it pierced your heart when I saw it."

"Ah, that. I'm not sure too. But just before I got hit, I felt a shiver down my spine and my body moved on its own. I guess that it was just a lucky dodge," Ryan explained.

"I see," Shesmu responded.

"Honestly, I was a bit surprised. I didn't expect the hob to be that ruthless and fast."

Hearing Ryan's laments, Shesmu fell into deep thoughts too. Yeah, that hob was a bit too good. Maybe it was a special one? Reaching this conclusion, Shesmu looked at Ryan before asking.

"Can you check your inventory? I have this suspicion that the hob was a special one. If so, it should drop an Ether stone like the last one."

Ryan checked his inventory before responding.

"Oh, you're right. It did drop an Ether stone. It also dropped a blood dagger."

"Oh, that's neat!" Shesmu exclaimed. "Show me, that might be a pretty good weapon."

"Sure." A dagger appeared in Ryan's hand. Its hilt was red, and its blade sharp. "Here you go."

Shesmu took the dagger from Ryan's hand and inspected it.

[Blood Dagger

Rarity: Iron+

Required Level: 7

Weapon Level: 1

Attack: 70]

"Yeah, it's an Iron+ dagger. Pretty powerful."

Ryan took back the weapon from Shesmu's hands before playing around with it a bit. He looked at Shesmu and a grin stretched all over his face.

"Now, with t

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