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Beads of sweat dripped down Shesmu's closed eyelids as his heart raced within his chest. He heaved in rapid breaths, still recovering from his exertion. He tried to slow his breathing as he straightened himself, gazing upward; the sunlight pierced his eyelids before he eased them open. Strange runes floated within his hazel irises.

His gaze fixated towards the sun, a screen stood beside the star. He read the star's description when strands of black hair settled across his face, obscuring his vision. Shesmu coated his fingers in aura, feeling the familiar buzz of power as the green light raced along them. With a lazy wave of his hand, the nuisance hair strands floated free, spiraling to the floor, perfectly bisected.

"Shes, it's almost time."

The voice of his friend made Shesmu turn. Clad in a pitch-black robe, he had blood-red hair and abrasive ocean-colored eyes. Strange sigils floated within them, similar to Shesmu's own. All the while a sky blue, semi-transparent interface floated beside his face.


Level: 425

HP: 500000(+7 Shield)/500000

MP: 10 Cores/10 Cores

Shesmu nodded at Cain when a feminine voice chimed within his mind.

[Leader! World Serpent is at 40%. How are things going there?]

Shesmu responded to that voice in his mind. [We're on the way, Fate. We just killed five of them but three escaped. They just entered the canyon and are going for the Serpent. Crescent is one of them, so stay sharp.]

[That's good! As expected of Leader and Cain. The game is now practically over. If they go for a steal, we just turn and clap their buttcheeks!]

Cain nodded and hummed in response.

[Well, we'll be on our way. Once they go through the chokepoint, we'll close their escape route.] Shesmu added.

[Haha, it's not as if they have a choice. If we secure the serpent buff, they're basically dead. Their only choice is to challenge us even though it's a do-or-die situation... Well, it's more like a die-or-die situation!]

Shesmu felt the joy in Fate's voice. This was the part she enjoyed most— checkmating her enemies, and laughing at them as she did so. That was the only exciting part for her when competing in regionals.

[The game is already over. Make it clean.]

Fate pouted at Shesmu's words. [Leader, you're no fun!]

Understanding that this discussion would be endless, Shesmu terminated the telepathic connection. He then examined his surroundings, noting that every object he saw had a blue screen describing it. Annoyed, he issued a command within the silences of his mind.

'Deactivate World Eyes.'

The scenery brightened without the presence of those irksome, blue screens, putting Shesmu at ease without any visual noise.

'Activate Party Mode.'

Blings assaulted Shesmu's ears as multiple add-ons appeared. In the top-left corner were his HP and Energy Bars. At the bottom-right were the same bars but of his teammates'. With this, Shesmu could effectively monitor

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