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The sword felt heavy, it felt heavy and slippery. He didn't need to use it to know that when he slashes with it, it would be the sloppiest slash he did in a long, long time.

Shesmu instinctively knew what was happening. He knew what was happening to his body, to his mind—he knew it. However, he couldn't accept it.



"Are you okay?!"

However, the old man's words fell into deaf ears. Shesmu's eyes didn't even respond to only shouting, only glued to his sword.

"Did the sword scare you? Don't worry, it will be even scarier to your opponents!" He then paused for a bit before continuing. "But if holding this sword is that overwhelming to you, maybe you should rethink your decision to be a warrior. You can always go through the purification ritual at the church and you can choose another profession. We can go there together if you want to."

"No," Shesmu plainly said.

At his remark, Leonard raised an eyebrow.

Shesmu stood up, his intense gaze never leaving his sword. With scrunched eyebrows, he raised it and slashed at the air.

After performing his move, Shesmu closed his eyes and bit his lips. It was now confirmed. He had lost his ability to hold the sword.

His skills, his techniques, everything he had spent tens of thousands of hours practicing, day and night. It was all gone.

Shesmu stayed silent for a couple of seconds before taking a deep breath. He then screamed with all his might.

The scream—no, the war cry, was so feral in nature, so powerful, it made the instructor back away. However, while the scream was powerful, it held no sadness, no self-pity in it. It was a scream that challenged the world.

Shesmu's scream left Leonard awed. His eyes widened and he started laughing uncontrollably.

"What a scream! Haha! I like that! That scream had such vigor in it, such energy! You're going to become a fine Swordsman, I can already tell!"

After a loud laugh and his iconic greeting pat to the back, Leonard finally became serious.

"Well, we already had our fun, now it's time for me to show you the basics of a warrior. What I will show are the basic skills that every holder of the warrior class should master, so look attentively."

Leonard summoned a training dummy in front of him, before materializing a sword in his hand too. The sword was the same as the one he gave Shesmu, prompting the latter to think that this was the only type of sword these instructors could summon.

"First of all, I'll show you how a normal slash looks like."

Leonard took a deep breath in as he raised his sword towards his back. His eyes focused, and in the blink of an eye, Leonard slashed diagonally at the training dummy. In less than a fraction of a second, Leonard slashed and went back to his fighting position. A number appeared above the fighting dummy glowing blue, 9000, showing the damage that the dummy took from Leonard's slash. He then took a deep breath out before looking at Shesmu and saying.

"This is a normal slash, now let me show you an empowered one."

However, Shesmu just half-heard those words. His focus was still on the training dummy that has just been slashed. He could barely see Leonard move, let alone his slash. Since his reflexes and muscle memory were gone, he expected his kinetic vision to also deteriorate.

But Shesmu wasn't worried anymore. When he first started playing Ashes of Gods, he couldn't even see the instructor move, let alone his slash. That means that at least some things carried over the time jump. Maybe his predictive abilities, or maybe just some of his knowledge that is ingrained in his subconsciousness made him look at where he needs to look without him actually reacting to anything.

Whatever the case may be, Shesmu knew that his starting point is still higher than in his past life, much much higher if you consider his knowledge about quests, mechanics, and classes. There was no reason for him to fret, he alread

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