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"Okay, so before we make our way towards the tower of might. Let's do some checkups first," Shesmu stated with a serious tone. He then asked, "You all know how to access your map, right?"



The two's voices overlapped. They both turned towards each other before Leo asked, "Wait, how do you know?"

Ryan winked and said, "That's a secret."

"Goddamnit, Ryan. Now isn't the time!"

"Just think "map" in your head." Shesmu immediately cut to the chase. "If there is one thing I understood about this game, it's that you can call almost anything through your mind that is related to the system, and it would appear."

"Ohh, I see, that's neat!" Leo exclaimed.

In the meantime, Ryan scratched his chin deep in thoughts before asking, "Hmm, if that's how it works, then it would make sense for there to be a list of commands somewhere that we can access, no?"

This kid is sharp, interesting.

"Yeah, I thought the same thing," Shesmu responded. "And after a couple tests, I found where the list is. Just think "System Command List" in your mind and it should appear."

The two stayed silent for a minute before they exclaimed in surprise.

"Oh! It works!"

"Ohh! That's neat! But how did you find out about it?"

Shesmu already prepared for Ryan's question. "First thing I did when I logged in was to play around with the system. Plus, since games like these generally do have a command list, I expected it to have one too. So, I just tried different combinations of words in my mind until one worked out."

"Hmm, I see. Interesting, I should have thought about it," Ryan said. "But you would think that such an elementary and essential feature would somewhere I could easily see, no?"

"Yeah, you're right. It's probably mentioned somewhere in the status window, I just haven't bothered looking for it," Shesmu answered.

"Anyway, guys, let's drop the chit-chat. I've already waited for half an hour, I'm not gonna wait for more to play this game!" Leo cut in.

"Yes! I can't wait to slay some three-headed ogres! The trailer got me hyped up, let's see what this game is all about!"

Listening to Ryan's excited speech, Shesmu just shook his head.

"Well, first, let's check the map to see where this Tower of Might even is."

Shesmu issued a command in the depths of his mind, and a 2d map appeared in front of him. It showed with blue dots their current position, in the middle of the camp. Outside was gargantuan forest that spread far and wide. Some parts were colored green, while others blood red. The tower of might stood behind the red spots, north-east of the camp.

"Oh, I see some red spots on the map. I'm guessing those are danger zones?" Ryan asked.

"Probably," Leo responded. "I mean, just focus on them with your eye and it will give you a description."

"Oh, yeah, you're right, my bad." Ryan scratched his hair awkwardly. He then coughed and took a more serious tone, "Okay, so we have to pass through two danger zones before reaching the tower of might. Let's go then."

Following Ryan's suggestion, the trio made their way out of the camp. As they passed through the gate, they could see from far the Tower of Might. It stood there in the distance, behind dense forest, towering above the trees. Red and black drawings decorated its ivory texture. Paintings of demons coming from underground, fighting elves and dragons. All the while angels descended from the sky illuminated by holy light.

"Ohh, those paintings are so cool! Are we gonna fight demons in that tower?" Leo exclaimed, his eyes burning with excitement.

"Silly you, if we fight demons this early, what will be there for us to fight in the late game? Galaxy destroying eldritch gods?"

Ryan's rebuttable made Leo drop his shoulders and awkwardly laugh. The three then continued walking down the main road before Shesmu stopped them.

"Guys, we probably should take a detour now and enter the forest."


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