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"You have said before that Ashes of God was your pet project long before it was taken by Omega9, how is that?"

The interviewer stretched his hand for his guest to speak. A middle-aged man with a round frame that already lost half of his hair.

"Ashes of God was a project that I and some of my friends were working on since our university days. We've put in lots of effort, sleepless nights, missed classes… By the end of the four years, we had a functioning product. It's just that it was nothing like we first envisioned. We had a dream, but we dreamt too big. Like Icarus flying to the sun, our wings were burnt and we were about to fall from the skies. That's when Omega9 approached us."

The barrage of juicy information was something that the interviewer didn't expect, but it was a welcome surprise. A smile covered his face.

"You guys have put in such incredible effort and hard work. Four years of your life… That's not cheap. Now the question I wanna ask is what exactly did Omega9 give you that you didn't already have or could easily procure."

The guest chuckled.

"Now that's one loaded question. It's easier for me to count the number of things they didn't give us rather than the opposite. We were just a bunch of teens who had no idea about the scope of the beast they awakened. We needed artists, programmers, hardware guys, beta testers, and most importantly, money to put food on the table. O9 gave us all of that and more."

The guest's statement picked the journalist's curiosity.

"But there must have been something that distinguished your game from the thousand others. Something that made Omega think that you guys had it, that this game had potential."

"Haha, I'm not sure. I guess it was our experimentalist approach that earned us their favor. Gosh, it's been what? Ten, fifteen-year since then? By that time Deep Machine Learning and AI made all the news while MMOs were nowhere to be heard. I guess we were one of the few who decided to integrate them in such a way that has never been done before, and O9 saw potential in that."

"Interesting. Now, let's talk more about the game. I know that you can't tell us much but what feature do you think would be the most interesting to the people? "

The interviewee felt hesitant. He pointed his eyes towards the roof then scratched his head while grunting.

"I would say… Time Dilation. It's something that only existed until now in scientific papers. There are some minigames out there that do have it, but nothing to the scale, depth and breadth of Ashes of Gods. I think, if I had to choose, this would be the most "hype" feature as the kids call it."

The host's mouth shaped a perfect "O". His face was the perfect description of the word surprise.

"Woah, time dilation? I don't know what that means but that sounds cool as all hell."

The guest chuckled at the interviewer's reaction.

"Haha, right? Well, in simple terms, Time Dilation enables a player to get th

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