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The orb that revealed Crescent's presence pulsated once again, warning Rev of a further plot of some sort. It was him, and he was alive and well. He'd appeared above the boss, the sclera of his eyes turned black, his blue pupils now red. He emanated a dark aura, towering hundreds of feet above the ground. Multiple red magic circles formed and rotated all around him. These magic circles flew out and encircled the World Serpent, creating a six-headed star. Nine flame dragons flew out from the magical star. All of them far larger than the dragon that had formed as his supposedly final gambit against Rev. This was his true strength!

The nine dragons stood majestically before the Black Moon players. The blonde priest, Truth, materialized a grey orb. The object pulsated, generating a wave of disturbance that rippled through the mighty dragons. It had no effect.

"Truth, don't waste orbs. That's a sixth tier magic spell, we can't counter it. Wait until it's completed, and then we shall direct fire at it. There is no way he can one-shot the boss from 5% using that spell. He can't do it. Don't worry."

"Alright, Leo. It's Crescent's loss for being foolish," the purple-haired Fate responded.

While Black Moon's members were discussing the matter, Crescent took further action, summoning a purple staff. He started chanting, and as he did, multiple dark magic circles generated one after another until six had assembled. They flew towards the World Serpent. They completed yet another six-headed star.

Leo, noticing the nature of the dark spell, was shocked, then galvanized into action. Clouds gathered when he raised his sword high up in the sky. Thunder rumbled, then a bolt appeared to strike down towards aloft Crescent. He was unaffected in every way.

A spheric shield shimmered around Crescent. It had no cracks, despite the colossal power of Leo's golden lightning.

"Dammit!" Leo cursed, before issuing commands. "All, take him down at any cost!"

Quickly, Vez and Fate began chanting, but their reactions were too slow. A very light blue ball of flame, shining a thousand times brighter than the most luminous stars, appeared before the World Serpent. Space folded, and the boss' figure was disfigured. As though it were a black hole, the blue star sucked in the World Serpent.

The nine dragons that gathered around the boss stood impassively, unaffected by the immense gravity field generated by the star. The star imploded gradually, having reached the end of its brief life. While that occurred, all the dragons dove towards the World Serpent. The myriad of colors from another explosion blinded onlookers. Uttering a final cry, the World Serpent became a million specks, all rainbow-colored.

Black Moon's members stared intensely, shock and awe evident on their faces, at the dead boss. They hadn't thought it possible, but 5% of its lifespan was terminated by one person's spells.

Fate's eyes brimmed with curiosity and excitement. "Woah, to think his prowess had reached the sixth tier already—It's actually giving me goosebumps. He's way too good. Against that power, even if we all attacked him, we'd have no hope of victory. Goddamn, this is exciting!"

Fate's perverted expression made Leo shudder. He shook his head vigorously before chastising, "Fate, this is no time for you to go insane!" He activated telepathic communication. "Shesmu, we need assistance. When are you showing?!"

Shesmu's response came quick. "Don't worry. I'll be there in a second. We were just preparing a little something."

Having heard Shesmu's confident words, the members of Black Moon calmed, reassured that not all was yet lost. Realizing just how powerful Crescent had become was extremely demoralizing. However, their belief in their leader helped them remember the fight was not over. It alleviated their worries simply because of their belief in him. Crescent stood aloof in the sky, looking down on the Black Moon members with hi

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