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Chapter 1122: Exterminate

Feng Xinxiao did not want to be outdone. The power of laws on his body burst out as he ran at high speed while the long spear in his hand danced.

“Boom!” A loud explosion sounded.

An explosion sounded as a destructive light wave spread out from him and Ou Yangming and toward the outside world. Soon, it drifted far away.

The plants that had survived the fire were gone. The dust on the ground was blown away. As the light wave was swept into the air, it fell from the sky like a sandstorm.

Du Xie took a step forward to block the aftermath of the battle. He shouted, “Everyone, leave this place first.”

The destructive power of the battle between Ou Yangming and Feng Xinxiao was too strong. Most of the members of the Shaman Tribe were very weak. Staying here would put their lives in danger.

Those people also knew that this was not a safe place to watch the battle. They retreated a few thousand meters and hid carefully. Only then did they continue to pay attention to the battlefield.

In the blink of an eye, Ou Yangming and Feng Xinxiao had exchanged more than 100 moves. The powers of their laws were equally matched, and their strengths were also on par.

Under the enhancement of Xing Tian’s blood essence, Ou Yangming’s body strength was no longer any weaker than Feng Xinxiao’s. In fact, his bloodline was even stronger than that of the phoenix powerhouse.

The longer it took, the more Feng Xinxiao was shocked. He had thought that after having a fortuitous encounter, his strength had increased so much that Ou Yangming would definitely not be a match for him. He had not expected that while his strength had increased, the other party had not been idle and had also quietly reached such a level.

‘How many years has he cultivated for?’

Feng Xinxiao’s expression was ferocious as countless thoughts flashed through his mind. Then, with a determined look, he made a decision. ‘I can’t let him live. If he doesn’t die, in a few years, our bloodline will probably never be able to turn the tide in the Phoenixes.’

They had become enemies of life and death. The enemy should completely sink into oblivion. Feng Xinxiao was a little fl.u.s.tered because Ou Yangming’s rate of growth made him feel terrified.

“Sweep the World!”

Feng Xinxiao gritted his teeth as a red light flashed across his body. His gaze was sharp as the long spear in his hand swept over. He had already given up on defense and used the attacking method that he was best at.

Ou Yangming did not dare to be careless as he focused all his attention on the battle. Feng Xinxiao’s strength was certainly not something that an ordinary Ruler could compare to. Even if Du Xie was not injured, he probably would not be a match for Feng Xinxiao at this time.

Feng Xinxiao’s improvement was too great, and his growth was too fast.

The power of laws protected Ou Yangming’s surroundings. During the battle, he gradually became familiar with the use of body techniques. He had always considered himself as a smithing master and had very few opportunities to fight with others. This battle with Feng Xinxiao also benefited him greatly.

Feng Xinxiao thought that he had suppressed Ou Yangming. If he knew what the young fellow was thinking at this moment, he would surely be angered to death. The young fellow did not take him seriously at all and only treated him as a sparring partner.

Ou Yangming was intelligent and possessed the bloodlines of the Dragons and the Phoenixes. In addition to the modification of Xing Tian’s blood essence, his comprehension had long surpa.s.sed that of an ordinary person.

Gradually, Feng Xinxiao found that his suppression of Ou Yangming was getting weaker. Not only could the young fellow defend against his storm-like attacks, but he also found opportunities to counterattack several times in a row.


Ou Yangming flew up and seized the opportunity to strike Feng Xinxiao

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