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Chapter 446: Chapter 446


Pow, popopopow—!


A ma.s.sive storm raged on and ripped the bodies of the Giants gathering in the sky into b.l.o.o.d.y pieces. Their blood filled the air while Su-hyeun dug even deeper among them to wield his sword once more.



His sword, which was hacking down amid the Giants, cleanly sliced one of them apart in half. However, the other living Giants were about to extend their hands toward Su-hyeun from behind, but then…

“Strike them….”


The sky suddenly flashed, and along with it was an earsplitting sound.

“Somersault cloud!”


Pazzzzik, bzzzzzik—!

The lightning bolt that came cras.h.i.+ng down charred the Giants completely. These creatures that were trying to pounce on Su-hyeun from all directions became utterly paralyzed as their bodies burned away before limply plummeting to the ground below.

Boom, thud—

Thousands of Giants were felled in an instant.

Hercules and Ares witnessed this scene, and after briefly stopping their fight, they began chuckling hollowly.

“He’s become a complete monster in the meantime, hasn’t he?”

“That kid…Was he originally this insane?”

Hercules, who hadn’t seen Su-hyeun in a long time, quietly sighed in admiration, while Ares deeply frowned after recalling their fight a few days ago.

Of the two, the one most surprised right now was Ares.

That fight did end as Su-hyeun’s victory, but the gap back then wasn’t all that great, so much so that Ares even thought that if only Zeus didn’t interfere, maybe…

That was how narrow the gap was back then. That was why if Ares and Su-hyeun fought again in the future, Ares genuinely thought that he might get to win.

But now, the current Su-hyeun was utterly different from the person he met a few days ago.


It was right then that a Giant’s figure loomed large behind Su-hyeun. As if it was a Giant even in the eyes of the Giants, this particular creature boasted a physique that must have been several hundreds of times larger than the other Giants.

This Giant was on the level of a Colossus. Even among the ranks of Predators, it was quite a high-tier creature.


The fist of this Colossus that was the size of a ma.s.sive mountain slammed straight down on top of Su-hyeun’s head.

However, its fist came to a sudden halt right in the middle of its downswing. Another hand had grabbed the creature’s arm.


Su-hyeun’s palm had grabbed hold of the descending arm of the Colossus.

A human and an ant—no, wait—the difference in their sizes must have been much more significant than that.

But Su-hyeun still used his grip to hold the creature’s arm firmly and lifted it off its feet despite such disparity.




The creature’s colossal figure began spinning in the air. The other Giants were struck by the spinning body and got flung away everywhere.

And so, after spinning the Colossus around several times, Su-hyeun let go, and then…


The Colossus flew far, far away before cras.h.i.+ng deeply into the ground.

“Hey…you think you can do that, too?”

“Maybe,” Hercules scratched his head at Ares’s question before replying with, “I’m not sure, Lord Ares.”


As far as pure physical strength was concerned, no other G.o.ds in Olympus could rival Hercules. Just in the category of physical abilities alone, Hercules was already being evaluated as having inherited Zeus’s blood far thicker than even Ares.

“Even so, there are still too many of them here,” Ares thought as the number of Giants still kept increasing.

It must have been a really long time since this many Giants had shown up at once. As a matter of fact, Ares couldn’t remember the last time he encountered such a number during the long and exhausting war against the Giants, which happened to be still o

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