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icscib > The Indifferent Young Master\'s Flash Marriage > Chapter 1105 - Making Biscuits For Jiang Qiran
ake life more peaceful.

As for the bet she made with Ye Siyao…

Ye Linlang clenched her fists slightly and decided to improve her results no matter what.

As far as she knew, although Ye Siyao’s results were better than hers, she wasn’t outstanding.

She was able to be in the middle of Cla.s.s A, around 30th place.

Ye Linlang’s results were so poor mainly because her English and mathematics were too much of a hindrance. As long as she made up for these two cla.s.ses, there was still a lot of hope.

However, there were less than twenty days until the monthly exam. Could someone like her, who knew nothing about English, really succeed?

Ye Linlang decided to go to a cram school. Although Ye Haifeng did not like her, it should not be to the extent that he would not even give her money for a cram school, right?

As Ye Linlang thought about this, she gradually had an idea in her heart.

If it really did not work out, she would consider borrowing money from Miaomiao. As long as she could pa.s.s the monthly exam, Ye Linlang felt that even if she had to wash dishes, she had to return the money.

Ye Linlang felt inferior, but at the same time, she was also a girl who wanted to be strong. Because of her English results, she had already been ridiculed by the entire cla.s.s too many times.

She didn’t want to become the laughing stock of the cla.s.s again.

Moreover, Ye Linlang really wanted to see Ye Siyao’s shocked gaze. She wanted Ye Siyao to apologize!

That’s right, this was Ye Linlang’s greatest hope!

It just so happened that there wasn’t a lot of homework to do at home today. In addition to the fact that she couldn’t do the English questions at all, after Ye Linlang finished the other homework and made a wild guess on the English test paper, everything was done in an hour.

However, Ye Linlang suddenly realized something!


Didn’t she promise to bring Jiang Qiran cranberry biscuits the next day?

Ye Linlang patted her head, and the rest of her sleepiness disappeared instantly!

After all, she was going to live at school from tomorrow onwards, so she probably wouldn’t have the chance to make biscuits. If she didn’t make more this time, Jiang Qiran might not be able to eat them.

Moreover, Ye Linlang also thought of bringing some for Miaomiao as well. After all, Miaomiao was Ye Linlang’s first friend since she was young. And she didn’t look down on her at all.

Ye Linlang thought about it and quickly changed into slippers and ran to the kitchen at the other end of the villa.

Coincidentally, the kitchen auntie was making supper. When she saw Ye Linlang rus.h.i.+ng over in a hurry, she was a little surprised.

“Linlang, why are you in such a hurry? Are you hungry? Master and Madam asked me to make Miss Siyao some coconut bar and fish congee just now. There just happened to be some extra. Do you want to eat it?”

The Kitchen Auntie actually felt a little sorry for this

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