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icscib > The Indifferent Young Master\'s Flash Marriage > Chapter 1105 - Making Biscuits For Jiang Qiran
Chapter 1105: Making Biscuits For Jiang Qiran

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After the bet with Ye Siyao, Ye Linlang’s eyelids drooped. She was exhausted.

What some people wanted always came so easily, but some people were destined to work a thousand times harder.

Ye Linlang looked up at Ye Siyao’s parents, who were still comforting Ye Siyao in warm voices.

Madam Ye held Ye Siyao in her arms, her eyes red. That kind of intimacy felt like it was going to crush her to the bone.

“Siyao, you’re not angry anymore. What do you want to eat? I’ll get the kitchen auntie to make you some pineapple and seafood fried rice. Do you like it? Or do you want a bowl of spicy stir-fried crayfish? Don’t you like it the most?”

Ye Siyao saw Ye Linlang looking in her direction and immediately raised her chin proudly at Ye Linlang. Then, she took advantage of the situation and shrank a little deeper into Madam Ye’s arms..

“Mommy, I want delicious food too, but I also want the latest red diamond-studded watch from Vacheron Constantin. I want it, but Daddy has always disliked that watch because it costs hundreds of thousands of yuan. He said he won’t let me wear it.”

“Okay, okay. Your Daddy is such a stingy person. Mommy will make the decision for you. Mommy will buy it for you.”

Ye Haifeng heard his precious daughter’s complaints and immediately smiled awkwardly. Then, he quickly agreed.

“Cough, cough. Of course, our little darling Siyao is the most important. It’s just a bit of smelly money. Daddy will pay for it!”

Ye Siyao immediately wiped away the tears on her face and walked over to Ye Haifeng’s side, beaming.

“Really? Really? Daddy is the best!”

Ye Linlang looked at the happy scene of Ye Siyao and her family of three, as if no one could get in.

Yes, Ye Linlang had already realized that although she was brought back to the Ye family, she was actually just an outsider.

She didn’t even have the right to call her mother, let alone act coquettishly to Madam Ye.

Ye Linlang smiled bitterly.

She looked out the window at the setting sun.

Suddenly, she felt something crack in her heart.

Actually, she was wrong.

There were some things that even if you tried a thousand times, you couldn’t get the result you wanted.

It was clearly Ye Siyao’s fault, and she had already provided evidence. But to Ye Haifeng and Madam Ye, so what if Ye Linlang was wronged?

How could she compare to their precious daughter, Ye Siyao, whom they had raised in their hands since young?!

They even seemed to have completely forgotten about her existence.

Ye Linlang silently pursed his lips and finally walked up the stairs with heavy steps.

She was moving to the school tomorrow.

Actually, this was also good.

Although the Ye family had relatives who shared the same bloodline as her, they hated each other. Perhaps living in the school would ma

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