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Chapter 186

Xia Yuqing and Helian Mingyue pointed at each other in surprise, their eyes flas.h.i.+ng with uncertainty. Afterwards, Helian Mingyue tentatively asked: “The king of heaven covers the earth tiger?”

“The river demon in PaG.o.da Town.”

Helian Mingyue’s eyes lit up: “The earth resonates with the high ridge, a group of eternal beauties.”

“Pu… the door towards the sea, mountains and rivers flow together for thousands of years.” (what they say are basically a bunch of code words used as a secret message in a novel that is used nowadays as a joke)

Helian Mingyue was excited with tears: “Is Conan finished?”

“F*ck, that was a good show that we will not be able to see in our lifetime!”

“… I actually think so too.”


The two of them said to themselves words that only the other side could understand. Their eyes looking at each other became brighter and brighter.

After the back and forth engagement, Helian Mingyue grasped Xia Yuqing’s hand and said with tears in her eyes: “It turns out to be a fellow transmigrator! Family, where are you from? I’m from the corner of B City.”

Xia Yuqing also didn’t expect to meet a second “hometown” member here, so she also had a burst of excitement. However, due to having seen her fellow Second Royal Brother before, she was not as shocked as Helian Mingyue.

“I’m from S City. When did you come here? You even have a child so big! It won’t be when you were about to give birth or after you have finished right…”

“No, I transmigrated before I got married. I think around 12 years ago. I remembered it was just after the London Olympics. When I transmigrated, I was still a fresh young girl, then I met this fool……” Helian Mingyue’s small face blushed. She raised her hand and slapped Yun Zhongli’s shoulder: “I thought he was pretty good, so I married him and now even the child is so old.”

“…” Fool? Pu…in this Shu Kingdom, I am afraid that there is no one else but the person in front of her who would dare to call Yun Xi’s father that!

“By the way, when did you transmigrate over? It’s been so many years, the end of the world should have pa.s.sed long ago, is it possible… that it’s already the 22nd century when you transmigrated over?”

“How could that be? I transmigrated around two years later than when you came through. It should be due to the difference in time and s.p.a.ce, just like country M and country Z. One is in the eastern hemisphere and the other is in the western hemisphere in which the time difference is half a day. ”

“That’s it.” Helian Mingyue groaned and continued, “I haven’t seen any transmigrators all these years, so I thought there was no other person coming through. I didn’t expect…” Helian Mingyue stared at Xia Yuqing with two bright eyes. The gleaming appearance gave Xia Yuqing the illusion that she had turned into a pile of priceless gold.

“Ahem, it’s just that you didn’t find them. At least I know one other person w

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