plsss Boar space
One day a young boy was immersed into his gaming computer then suddenly he got sucked inside! Follow Ishi on his adventure into the unknown
DestructionSaint Legend of First Lord
Life is Hard as a cultivator. The Tribulations are many, the Calamities are Tragic. A Heart that longs for transcendence, How free can one be, the Dao restrains us. But only in the Dao, is there freedom.
DragonSaint The Obscene System
A newborn baby a perverted system which encourages obscene activities ??? Follow the growth of a boy who is undoubtedly the most daring, and perverted male ever. ..... Big boobed mom? I want her! Masochist nurse? I want her! Cold teacher? I want her! Slutty trainer? I want her! Newly married woman? I want her! ..... Warning - The novel contains many extremes like...

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